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VICE Sports World News Roundup: July 21, 2016

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Good morning, America. It's July 21st, 2016. Welcome to the VICE Sports World News Roundup. Be sure to stop every morning for more headlines from around the world.

CAS upheld the Russian athletics ban due to state-sponsored doping.

Russian athletes won't be allowed to compete at the Rio Olympics after their ban is upheld— BBC Sport (@BBCSport)July 21, 2016

Raúl Jiménez is the most expensive Mexican soccer player in history. Atletico Madrid signed him from Benfica for 22 million euros.


Speaking of records, watch New Zealand freediver William Trubridge dive to 335 feet with no fins, a new world record.

A deeply embarrassing own goal from the Bournemouth-Minnesota United friendly

This is the own goal in the MN United game… the likes of which you'll never see again. — Seth Kaplan (@Seth_Kaplan)July 21, 2016

Borussia Dortmund officially resigned Mario Gotze from Bayern Munich. BVB fans are mixed on the signing, as they see Gotze as a kind of Judas. But Marco Reus is stoked.

Welcome back — Marco Reus (@woodyinho)July 21, 2016

Seal is a Djokovic fan!

.— (@Tennis)July 20, 2016

Chris Froome's Tour de France lead is now 2 minutes 27 seconds. It's only stage 18, but this thing is almost done and dusted.

Photo of the Day

This photo of Oakland's Josh Reddick being doused with by teammates is a couple days old, but it's also amazing. At first I thought it was milk coming out of that bucket, and I spent several minutes thinking about how weird and gross it is that the A's drank milk during games. But on closer examination, it looks like Reddick got hit in the face with a pie or something. But why do the A's have pies on the…


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