Horrifying NHL Fan Stashes Nachos Under Urinal During a Piss

We hope he wasn't planning on sharing.
October 21, 2016, 8:45pm
Photo by (formerly functioning website) Twitter user @Jimmyjames21

Stadium nachos are kinda gross to begin with—not even considering them within the context of a bathroom. Yellow-orange, liquid chemicals bonding together just enough to glom onto your over-salted chip. But what if I were to tell you an NHL fan not only brought his nachos into the bathroom with him, but thought that the space under the urinal was a kosher holding spot for them while he took a piss up above? Revolting.


The fan, wearing a brand new Shea Weber jersey, was caught in the act by an intrepid Weegee-like photographer at a Montreal Canadiens game. We here at VICE Sports have the subject of disgusting stadium food covered pretty well. Stadiums are inflicting all kinds of escalating horrors on their foods—take candied apple beef sandwiches, for example. But we had never take into account the things that people do with the foods after buying them.

Let's just hope he wasn't sharing.