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VICE Sports World News Roundup: June 30, 2016

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Good morning, America. It's June 30, 2016, and the year is officially half over. Welcome to the VICE Sports World News Roundup. Be sure to stop by every morning for more headlines from around the world.

It's interesting watching how the world has reacted differently to the terrorist attacks at the Brussels and Istanbul airports. After Brussels, there was a minute of silence for victims before the Netherlands played France. Now? Well…


UEFA: No minute's silence for Istanbul airport victims at — Rob Harris (@RobHarris)June 29, 2016

To keep on with the depressing news, a mutilated body washed up on a beach in Rio de Janeiro. The Olympics are going to rule.

The English media appear to have selected Jurgen Klinsmann as the country's next national team coach. The pro-Klinsmann drum beat gets louder by the day, which is for the best, because Gareth Southgate, amazingly England's most eligible coach, doesn't want anything to do with the job. My VICE Sports colleague Aaron Gordon explains why U.S. fans won't be sad to see Klinsmann go.

Portugal will reportedly allow foreign referees in the nation's top division. (Link in Portuguese.)

Here is a video supposedly depicting a man, who bet £20,000 on England, going nuts during the England-Iceland game. I'm not sure if that story is true, but the man is going nuts at the game and he's wearing some kind of costume, which is good enough for this here blog.

The Guardian put together a very dope stage-by-stage guide to the Tour de France, which begins on July 2nd.

The quarterfinals of Euro 2016 kick off tonight, with Poland taking on Portugal. Robert Lewandowski, Poland's star man, has yet to score in the tournament.

For some reason, Congress is trying to cut the wages of minor league ball players.

Michael Phelps qualified for the U.S. Olympic team. He took first in the 200-meter butterfly quals.

Photo of the Day

U.S. swimming hopeful Zach Harting turned up to the quals wearing a Batman suit for some reason. He swam the 200-meter fly, which Phelps won. Harting did not qualify.


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