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Bodybuilder Uses Crazy Drug to Get Huge, Almost Loses Arm

A Brazilian bodybuilder wanted to look like The Hulk and ended up damn near losing his arm.
Figure A: Bro, do you even lift?

You've heard the rumors: don't take steroids because you could suffer heart complications, liver damage, stunted growth, shrinking of the testicles, etc. but did you know about the muscle-enhancing oil Synthol? It's no big deal, except that it can GROW ROCKS INSIDE OF YOUR BODY?! Yes, this is a real thing, as explained by this terrifying muscle man who aspires to be The Hulk, known universally for his attractiveness, of course. This dude's addiction to staying swoll is so extreme he almost had his arm amputated because it was, again, filled with rocks. So why is this guy trying to be the Hulk when he is already—and literally—the rock, and not the "can you smell what the Rock is cooking?" rock, but The Thing. Observe Figure A for reference.