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Can 100 People Sink A Yacht In GTA V?

I'ma rock the boat. Work the middle, till it hurt a little.

For all of you who played The Sims back in the day and got a kick out of killing them (deleting the swimming pool stairs so they'd drown, deleting bedroom doors so they'd starve to death) your guilty pleasure is back—sort of.

YouTuber RZ Editz, or RZED for short, enjoys pushing the limits on simulated video characters. Having already tried to get 100 people to stop an airplane while it was landing on a runway in Grand Theft Auto V, he now tries to drown a similar-sized group on a yacht.


Cue Celine Dion. Who else is getting Titanic flashbacks? After initially failing to sink the yacht with 50 people, RZED succeeds when he piles on over twice as many.

With more than 100 passengers on board, everything is smooth sailing for the yacht—at the beginning. Then it starts to quickly lose speed, before tipping backward and glitching under the weight of too many bodies. As the yacht rocks even farther back, some people are thrown off deck, and eventually the entire vessel is submerged under water. At this point, nearly everyone falls out of the yacht, drowns, and dies. But at least the yacht itself is relieved of the burden of carrying too much weight.

After swirling beneath the ocean surface, emptying its passengers, and now all of a sudden lighter, the yacht flips back around and floats back to the surface of the water. One guy is passed out, sliding around the slippery deck, while another maniacally parades around.

So sure, it's disturbing, if not also diabolic, but hey, that's entertainment, right? Err, maybe killing a Sim or two is better than GTA 5 mass murder.

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