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This Is What Happens When You Boil an iPhone 7

The results are not what you might expect.

What happens when you try to boil an iPhone 7? Apparently nothing.

In a new video by YouTube channel Smart Technology, the narrator drops the iPhone 7 in boiling water several times to see if anything bad happens to it.

For starters, the iPhone 7 is far more water resistant than previous models, so the main issue would seem to be heat exposure. To test the boiling hot water's effect on the different iPhone functions, he decides play a song from a video on the phone, checking if the speakers still work.


A few seconds after dropping it in water, the volume is audible until eventually the entire phone screen goes black. Within a minute, he removes it from the water. With no smoke or any other major issues apparent, the iPhone seems to go back to normal.

On the second try, the narrator wants to keep the phone submerged in boiling water for longer: a good five to six minutes. Again, this time the video and sound eventually fade away as the iPhone's screen goes to black. No temperature warning comes up while the device is submerged.

Only when he eventually takes it out of the water does the temperature warning indicate that the phone needs more time to cool off before it can be used. Soon, however, it's once again back to normal—the volume, camera, and all other functions work smoothly. Even the phone itself doesn't feel hot to the touch after a few minutes.

So while the iPhone 7 may seem indestructible, the narrator, who's skilled in iPhone destruction tests, seems committed to finding the iPhone 7's weaknesses. Stay tuned.

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