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Mark Sanchez, Quarterback, Accused of Sexual Assault in 2006

via USA Today Sports

Position: Quarterback
Height / Weight: 6'2" / 225 lbs
College: University of Southern California
NFL draft: 2009 / Round: 1 / Pick: 5
Career history: New York Jets (2009–2013), Philadelphia Eagles (2014–present)

In April 2006, while he was a freshman at USC, Mark Sanchez was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault. According to the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles Police Department took him into custody after a 19-year-old female student told police that Sanchez had assaulted her. Sanchez was released on $200,000 bail and subsequently put on "interim suspension" at USC while the case was pending.

In June 2006, prosecutors decided not to file charges, citing "a lack of sufficient evidence beyond a reasonable doubt." A charge evaluation worksheet from the LA County District Attorney's office obtained by Broadly stated that medical exams for the alleged victim and Sanchez were "inconclusive for force," and that it was a one-on-one allegation. The worksheet also noted that the alleged victim "admitted to consensual kissing, petting, and removing her top."

When contacted by Broadly, a representative for Sanchez said Sanchez was "falsely accused of assault," adding that "the District Attorney's office conducted a full investigation with Mark's complete cooperation and the claim was rejected."