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Kanye West Goes Full Bon Iver, Is Camping at the Top of a Mountain

Are you adequately prepared for Kanye's country comeback album?
Image via Wikimedia Commons

From time immemorial, great rock and folk musicians have decided to say "fuck society" and have holed up in remote locations to work on their art. The most famous example in recent days is Justin Vernon of Bon Iver, cooped up in a frosted-over Wisconsin log cabin to record For Emma, Forever Ago onto an eight-track machine, but everyone from the Band to Neil Young has done something similar. It's all presumably in the name of artistic purity because nothing screams "real music" like placing signifiers of faux-rural authenticity on your work. As long as the tunes are good, man.


Being the world's greatest, most authentic rockstar himself, it's only fitting that Kanye West joins the ranks of these white men by deleting his socials and possibly journeying to the boreal forests of Wyoming in order to find himself and, possibly, Yeezus Jesus. According to TMZ, West is at "the top of a mountain" in search of "inspiration" for his next album. He couldn't have picked a more rootsy state, and this may mark the beginning of the Rodeo Kanye era. Don't we want to hear him move to the Appalachian Mountains, pick up a mandolin, and put down some fire bluegrass tracks? Oh wait, the reverse already happened. In any case, crazy how Kanye is gonna reinvent country music. It will likely sound something like this Post Malone cover of "Heartless."

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