A High School Was Evacuated After a Student Showed Up in a Darth Vader Costume

Authorities later determined there was no threat, just a Sith lord trying to make it to class on time.
May 4, 2017, 3:56pm
Photo via Flickr user Helgi Erlingsson

It's no secret that Star Wars fans around the world go all out when it comes to celebrating any new development in the franchise. And with The Last Jedi set to hit theaters at the end of this year, many fans are channeling their excitement and anticipation into Star Wars Day, which falls every May the 4th. But one Wisconsin high school student may have taken it a little too far when he showed up to classes Thursday dressed as Darth Vader, causing a parent to freak out and prompting a school-wide evacuation.


According to FOX 11 News, Ashwaubenon High School in Green Bay, Wisconsin, was placed on lockdown Thursday morning after a concerned parent called 911 to report seeing a person walking near the school wearing dark clothing, possibly a bulletproof vest. Right before classes started for the day, authorities placed the school on lockdown, as well another high school nearby, and evacuated all the students from the building.

Local public safety officials, who took the sighting as a possible threat, then came to the school to investigate. After searching the campus, they determined that the person the parent had reported was just a kid who decided to come to school dressed as the famous Sith lord in celebration of the movie's holiday.

"Apparently it's may the force be with you day today," an unidentified official told reporters. "Public safety did a complete and thorough search of the building and found that there was no threat."

After discovering that the student was not an actual bad guy, but just a Star Wars superfan dressed like one, the students and teachers went back to school. The kid, who was reportedly fully decked out and wearing a Darth Vader mask, is now being interviewed.

"We believe it was an innocent mistake right now," an officer at the scene added. "School's back in session. There was no threat."

Update: The student was reportedly dressed as a stormtrooper, not as Darth Vader, as was originally reported from some officials who apparently have no knowledge of the brutal Clone Wars.