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Watch Synchronized Skydivers Perform Aerial Acrobatics Above Dubai

Dubai's sculpted Palm Islands set the backdrop for this soaring feat of aerial choreography and GoPro filmmaking.

For Russian skydivers Aleksander and Mikhael, the clear blue skies over the Palm Islands in Dubai set the perfect stage for a different kind of dance—synchronized aerial acrobatics. In the new film released by GoPro, watch as the daredevils jump out of a plane in matching white jumpsuits and proceed in tandem to perform everything from somersaults, to corkscrews, to even a Flamingo-esque one-footed backpack stand. It's a marvelous thing to watch them dance, choreographed cameraman in tow, high above the United Arab Emirates' iconic artificial islands. All we're left wondering from Aleksander and Mikhael is: how many times did they have to jump out of a plane just to practice?


H/t GoPro


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