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[Exclusive Photos] Explore Portugal's Churches in These Stunning Vertical Panoramas

Gaze up at the insides of Portugal's exquisite churches from the comfort of your own couch.
May 4, 2015, 7:00pm

The beautiful, ancient churches of Portugal draw visitors from all over the world with their intricate frescos, columns, and windows. Photographer Richard Silver, whose timeslice photos showed us the world's architectural wonders back in March, traveled through five different Portuguese cities to preserve these architectural triumphs for his ongoing photo series, Vertical Churches.

To create these images, Silver takes between five and nine photos of each church he visits, stitching them together like a vertical panorama to create the feeling that you're looking directly up at the colorful arched ceilings and domes that have captivated the masses for generations.


Silver has captured Vertical Churches in about as many cities as he has Timeslices, including New York, Beijing, Mumbai, and Rome, but he wanted to focus on Portugal for his most recent photo set. "Portugal was extremely photogenic," Silver tells The Creators Project. "I love shooting architecture, and Lisbon had a great selection of retail stores, abandoned buildings, and a tremendous amount of choices of styles of architecture and lots of churches."

Take an exclusive look at the full set of Silver's Vertical Churches in Portugal, below:

See more of Richard Silver's work on his website.


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