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Spongebob Explodes onto the Walls of Worcester, MA

Bikini Bottom's got nothing on New England.
Mural by Patch Whiskey. Images courtesy POW! WOW!

The mini art Mecca of Worcester, Massachussets got bombed with a slew of new murals last week, thanks to POW! WOW! Worldwide. The city's walls have been swallowed up by a deconstructed ode to 90s cartoons by Patch Wiskey, an inspired snake charmer by Sabek, and fantastically jazzy fox by Spencer Keeton Cunningham. Not all of the 15 new works POW! WOW!'s brand new Worcester arm delivered are larger-than-life full wall spreads. In fact, some of our favorites include a hyperrealistic smiley balloon about the size of a human by the London-based Fanakapan and oil painter Dan Witz's sneaky scuba diver stationed in one building's window.


Mexican street artist Marka 27, whose work brings the aesthetics of indiginous peoples into worldwide communities, says, "I hope that POW! WOW! Worcester inspires the rest of Massachusetts to allow more opportunities for public street art and I'm confident that this project will bring positive attention to Worcester and its community the same way it has for towns like Richmond, VA and Wynwood in Miami.”

The artists hail from eight different countries, and seven of the participants are local Massachusetts artists. They painted murals on local buildings for 10 days, during which POW! WOW! also organized kid-created mobile art installations, a show at Nine Dot Gallery, a pop-up show in downtown Worcester, an art-themed fundraiser to benefit the Main Idea youth charity, and more. Check out the art that made all this possible, below:

Mural by Sabek

Mural by Above

Mural by Askew

Mural by Fanakapan

Mural by Spencer Keeton Cunningham

Mural by Dan Witz

Mural by Marka 27

Mural by Morgan Blair

Mural by Rustam Qbic

Mural by Jon Allen and Sophy Tuttle

Learn more about POW! WOW! Worcester on the official website.


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