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This Surreal Digital Art is a Visual Journal

Chad Knights’s 365 digital art challenge quickly turned into a coded personal journal.

Chad Knight started his 365 challenge of creating a new piece of digital art every day as a simple exercise that would help him improve his craft. Instead, “it quickly transformed into a visual personal journal,” he tells The Creators Project. The works exist in their own world, one filled with beautiful and frightening impossibilities like giant deconstructed skulls and an enormous elephant man who looks like an all-powerful ancient god. There are none of the mundanities that we typically associate with a journal, no petty peeves or slice-of-life imagery. Instead, Knight says his visual journal is "so heavily coded that I can share it with the world.” Through this lens, taking in the works become a fascinating psychological experiment. What do the pieces say about the artist? What does our reading of them say about us?


For more of Chad Knight’s work, follow him on Instagram.


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