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Um, the Bakery from 'Kiki's Delivery Service' Is Real

We need to talk about this.

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Hayao Miyazaki classic Kiki's Delivery Service may be about witches, magic, and the innocence of youth, but it does have one foot solidly grounded in reality: the bakery in which our beloved 13-year-old witch lives and works actually exists. In a little hamlet called the Yufuin Floral Village in Japan, you can buy pastries from Kiki's Bakery, adorned with symbols of the Studio Ghibli's tale about a witch coming of age. A replica of Kiki's magical black cat, Jiji, hangs in a cage out front, a broom is emblazoned on the bakery's sign, and the painfully delicious-looking pastries themselves come to life inside. The sign is in the Kiki's Deliviery Service font and the walls are made from weathered yellow brick that looks right out of Miyazaki's imagination. One might imagine this is the bakery Kiki herself opens years after the trials and tribulations she faces in the film.


Yufuin Floral Village is essentially a historical-looking European town in the middle of Kyushu's Oita Prefecture, and features lots of pop culture references for the animation enthusiast, including a storefront devoted to Disney's Frozen, a Hello Kitty shop, the tea room from Alice in Wonderland, and store where you can find a giant stuffed Totoro. Kiki's Bakery is definitely the highlight, though, according to a Rocket News 24 reporter who visited the village. "The croissant was incredibly tasty, buttery but not so much as to leave your mouth feeling oily or tired of the taste. The chocolate bread was also delicious," she says.

Once you've hit Kiki's Bakery, we recommend heading Taiwan to eat your way through Spirited Away.

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Learn more about the Yufuin Floral Village on the official website.


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