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Tech Startup Seeks to Become the "iTunes of Art"

Put computer-made art on your wall, IRL, with Depict.
Jenny Sharaf, X-Ray, 2014

As our concept of art evolves with technology, the way we own art should change too. Depict, a startup dedicated to making digital art available IRL, is now shipping out their chicly designed high-resolution Frame, a screen made to hang on your wall and beautifully project art that was once trapped inside a computer monitor. Depict CEO and founder, Kim Gordon, wanted to create an art platform that would do “for visual content what iTunes and Spotify have done for music,” and she’s hoping the trend of owning those images we scroll through every day will evolve to the next level of ownership.


Canyon Castor, Toes, 2014TJ Silverlake, Float 2, 2013Mark Lovejoy, #1137 from 'Eye Candy', 2014Bridget Klappert, Skull Hands Gif, 2014