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[Premiere] CGI Music Video Is ‘Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater’ Meets the Occult

One-half of Cool 3D World made a music video for Infinity Shred’s new single, and it’s even weirder than you would have imagined.
Images courtesy of the artists

A hooded protagonist armed with a skateboard and a holographic blueprint of a mysterious religious site—a church with a pentagram on it—stars in the offbeat animated music video for electronic synth pop outfit Infinity Shred’s “Choir VI” (off the band’s sophomore album, Long Distance, out October 14th). Pews fly in different directions as he enters the structure, the holy sanctuary transforming into a skate park replete with holographic kickers and digital quarter pipes. He transfers from ramp to ramp, following Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater-like physics, but with a unique twist: thanks to the talents of director Jonathan Baken, a.k.a., Popcornn_10 (one-half of the uncanny animation project Cool 3D World), his body twists and morphs like Mr. Fantastic. At one point, the roles are even reversed, and the board rides him.


To help realize their strange vision, the Brooklyn band called upon the digital artist, best known for his bizarre satirical vignettes, for mockups for the “digital choir” they envisioned for their music video. After looking over some images, the group decided to run with it and turned their idea into a full music video.

“The concept for the holographic monks came from a late-night rumination about what role religion would play in a future of deathless humans and cyborgs,” the band writes. “Is religion still as valuable to those who follow it or is everyone content because they can now assure infinite life?”

If futuristic religions are unusual in their own right, so was the opportunity for Baken: "I wanted to step outside of my comfort zone and help them create what they envisioned,” he tells The Creators Project. “I didn't want the video to be about me or my typical style.” Reminiscent of early versions of Halo, but with a cosmic and expansive digital sound akin to Daft Punk’s score for Tron, “Choir VI” is a weird yet refreshing experience that promises an new territories for both Baken and Infinity Shred.

Watch “Choir VI” below:

You can learn more about Long Distance here, and head over to the store on Infinity Shred's website to buy the album (ships “on or around” October 14th). You can also check out more work by Jonathan Baken on Facebook.


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