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Furry Ampersands Make Typography a Lot More Cuddly

We're not sure if we'd rather use these fuzzy letterforms or make them pets.
Images courtesy David McLeod

It's easy to get attached to a typeface that just "gets you" but Australian artist David McLeod's hirsute letterforms look like they might actually try to curl up at the foot of your bed. "I was digging through some old files on a hard drive when I came across this ampersand I'd designed way back in university," McLeod says, explaining the portmanteau's origin to The Creators Project. "It was very simple, but it felt like a nice starting point to embellish upon with some 3D treatments I was exploring at the time. One of these treatments involved covering it with simulated fur." The results he dubbed Amfursands.


McLeod admits that the project was built on a "bad pun," but the focus on notoriously difficult-to-detail hair is especially impressive: the characters look more like they were grown in a lab than designed on a computer. Amfursands even scored a 2014 Type Directors Club award—presumably, the jury wanted to cuddle up with these furry logograms just as much as we do.

For more design—and more puns—head over to David McLeod's website.


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