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Universal Everything Christened the World's Largest 4K Screen in Times Square

On Tuesday in Times Square, interactive animations filled a display the size of an entire city block.
Images courtesy of Universal Everything unless otherwise noted

Award-winning VFX and animation studio Universal Everything broke in the massive new display on Broadway and 45th street in Times Square this past Tuesday night. The display takes up an entire New York City block, clocking in at about 78' x 330' and 24 million pixels, which makes it the largest single screen in the world.

The studio, famous for designing Radiohead's PolyFauna app and this city-walking anthropomorphized polygon, brought its "A" game for the launch, planning an elaborate series of animations—with help from interacting audience members—that followed a polygonal journey from an abstract desert, through a digital storm, and then to a sky-scraping city. Variations on this animation played 10 times, changing based on how attendees chose variables, including the shape of the bird and the overarching season.


Producer Greg Povey told The Creators Project, "Universal Everything created films that would stand out in the heart of one of the world’s busiest, noisiest and most attention-hungry places. Through a calmer, more meditative pace exploring the theme of ‘change is constant,' the films take the audience on a journey of transformation inspired by technological advances, landscapes and New York itself to show off the stunning capacity of the screens.”

Visit Universal Everything's website here for more stunning animations.


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