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Watch Mirrors Create Substanceless Space, Beautiful Geometry with Lasers

The latest piece in Tokyo-based Shohei Fujimoto’s 'Power of One' series uses mirrors to create warped, wiggling laser animations.
Images courtesy of the artist

Programmed motors and lasers project trippy shapes onto mirrors in Surface, Tokyo-based mixed-media artist Shohei Fujimoto's latest addition to his Power of One installation series. Bathed in purple light, the lasers move in into different arrangements in time with a rhythmic beat. Meanwhile, two vertically symmetrical mirrors reflect images which multiply and disappear as the viewer moves around the installation. The entire piece creates a mirror-like effect, playing with both the strangeness of the surfaces, and the irregularity of the movement.


A demonstration of Power of One #Surface can now be seen below. The piece was previously on display at the Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto. Fujimoto previously created a disco-ball-like installment as another piece in the Power of One series, called Power of One #Point. Another piece, Power of One #Timeline, uses a laser to project a light pattern onto objects and then output a visual representation of the data collected. Fujimoto has also previously extracted data from calligraphers and turned it into live music. Watch Power of One #Surface below:

power of one #surface / test pattern 1 from Shohei FUJIMOTO on Vimeo.

Visit Shohei Fujimoto's website for more.


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