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Watch Mirrors Create Substanceless Space, Beautiful Geometry with Lasers

The latest piece in Tokyo-based Shohei Fujimoto’s 'Power of One' series uses mirrors to create warped, wiggling laser animations.
July 1, 2016, 5:20pm
Images courtesy of the artist

Programmed motors and lasers project trippy shapes onto mirrors in Surface, Tokyo-based mixed-media artist Shohei Fujimoto's latest addition to his Power of One installation series. Bathed in purple light, the lasers move in into different arrangements in time with a rhythmic beat. Meanwhile, two vertically symmetrical mirrors reflect images which multiply and disappear as the viewer moves around the installation. The entire piece creates a mirror-like effect, playing with both the strangeness of the surfaces, and the irregularity of the movement.

A demonstration of Power of One #Surface can now be seen below. The piece was previously on display at the Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto. Fujimoto previously created a disco-ball-like installment as another piece in the Power of One series, called Power of One #Point. Another piece, Power of One #Timeline, uses a laser to project a light pattern onto objects and then output a visual representation of the data collected. Fujimoto has also previously extracted data from calligraphers and turned it into live music. Watch Power of One #Surface below:

power of one #surface / test pattern 1 from Shohei FUJIMOTO on Vimeo.

Visit Shohei Fujimoto's website for more.


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