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Hand-Shaped Lamp Lights Up at Your Fingertips

Ji Won Jun turned her own hand into an illuminating sculpture called 'You Light Me Up' that turns on when you touch it.
Images courtesy the artist

This new hand-shaped lamp designed by Ji Won Jun is one-part creepy disembodied limb, one-part touching interactive sculpture. The LA and Seoul-based designer's You Light Me Up is build from a model of her own hand, and takes the E.T. approach to the interface: just touch the conductive strip embedded on her outstretched pointer finger to turn the hand on or off.

Won Jun created You Light Me Up for her Art Center Graduate Honors Fellowship Project 2015. A previous project, The Data Vaporizer, deals with how we interact with our information, and explores better methods for protecting it. In contrast, her new project focuses more on aesthetics, materials, fabrication, prototyping, and the way humans feel about objects.


The effect is like a reverse Beauty and the Beast situation, where a previously inanimate object takes on a sort of humanity. Won Jun tells The Creators Project that she, "wanted to express an interaction between a user and a product as a Physical Communication Between a Human and an Artifact by applying an anthropomorphized form to an ordinary device." Using life-casting, 3D scanning, 3D printing, and some basic electrical engineering, You Light Me Up is great for anyone who needs a hand to keep their home lit.

Check out her website for a full description of You Light Me Up's design and fabrication process, as well as Ji Won Jun's other projects.


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