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Kim Chi Emoji Are Here to Make America Glamorous Again

Throwing shade via text just got a little easier and prettier.

The Creators Project team thought we'd give you some much needed R&R from the headlines, so we've roped together a regimen of healing and happy stories to help get you through the day.

As Bob the Drag Queen, winner of Season Eight of RuPaul's Drag Race, sagely said, "Drag is about blurring the lines of gender and creating art." As much as we adore Bob, there is perhaps no greater makeup artisté in the drag community than last season's runner-up, Kim Chi.


The effervescent queen caught our attention and dominated our Pinterest feeds with her fantastical drag creations and perfectly painted features. But though her face is always beat for the gods, Kim Chi stole America's heart with her quirky sense of humor and heartbreakingly relatable coming-out story: When her season aired, Kim Chi hadn't yet told her mom that she did drag.

Now, the Korean-American sweetheart is giving another perfectly-contoured Kim a run for her vanity-project money with Kimchiji, a line of glamorous Kim Chi emojis, perfect for throwing a little shade via text. In celebration of all-things glamazon, The Creators Project caught up with Kim Chi via email to chat about her latest venture:

The Creators Project: How would you describe Kim Chi's aura?

Kim Chi: Kim Chi is a live action anime character whose fashion aesthetic could be described as 'bionic doily.' I imagine my aura to be an array of ultra violet colors that spews glitter. I celebrate all things cute, fun, weird, and exotic.

What's your favorite thing about emojis, and what inspired Kimchiji?

We are extremely lazy nowadays. No one writes letters anymore and even texting long paragraphs on your phone is becoming a chore. Emoji significantly cuts down on projecting your emotion through long and meaningless words. Why message your friend and say, "I am extremely emotional right now. My whole is crumbling down and my life feels meaningless. I don't even know who I am anymore," when you can simply send your friend a tired face emoji? Kimchiji offers more options for you to be lazy with your words! Try it! There's some really unique and cool ones in there like a burrito bowl, chicken wing, and even a spanked butt.


Why areKimchijiinfinitely superior to Kim Kardashian's KIMOJI?

I wouldn't say Kimchiji is superior to Kimojis. It just offers a different variety of art things for a different audience. Lot of my catchphrases and things I love are all on there!

What's the perfect use of Kimchiji?

The one of me where I look like I'm slicing a neck could be used to put the ho's that's trying it in their place. The one of me where I look surprised could be used to react to any ho's texting you dumb things and you want to let them know that you care even when you really don't. The one of me where I look like a nerd with glasses could be used against any ho that's trying to text you dirty things but you are not the one. The world of simple communication has never been easier and more creative!

Download Kimchiji on the App Store.


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