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Psychedelic Animation Imagines an Amnesiac's Nightmare

'Blank' is Grade Die's abstract short film about memory loss.
GIF by Becky Chung

Have you ever been caught in a memory you can't entirely recall? Animation team Grade Die, who previously worked on a projection-mapped evolving square installation and a short film that explored the intersection of code and soda, tells the story of a woman who is trying to remember her evening in the mind-boggling abstract animation, Blank. "One half of you feels the urge to run away, the other half needs to know what lies inside of the unknown: complete darkness evokes an irrational fear that can affect your mind so intense that you end up being afraid of everything and everyone. Even yourself," the team comments on their video. Below, dive into the mind's deepest recesses in Blank.


BLANK from grade die. on Vimeo.


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