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Vintage Photos Mixed With 3D Objects Make Up These Wild Collages

What began as an Instagram experiment evolved into a flourishing art project for Susana Blasco.
All images courtesy the artist

Found objects marry with the lived-in aesthetic of vintage artifacts. Spanish artist, Susana Blasco, crafts her 2D work mixed with real-world 3D objects in an amazing display of humorous art. Exhibiting a prowess with collage, the artist branches into multimedia with her Antiheroes series. Visually clever, each photograph is never too contrived. The artist’s fascination with photos and the happenstance morph into a new image with a smartphone. The project originally began as an Instagram experiment in 2012.


Blasco's routine method of capturing each of the vintage tableaus consists of sourcing authentic, retro photographs from flea markets and her family, and revamping the snapshots with an injection of the interesting and the unexpected. Generally, Blasco enjoys the surprise element of experimentation when creating the pieces. In other iterations of her work, her collages often benefited from a slow and meditative creative process—full of care. In Antiheroes, the rush for the artist derives from the “game-like” environment of creation. Hunting for the perfect object to insert into a piece diversifies the experience for Blasco.

In a project statement, Blasco describes the series as, “Starting from the symbolic value of simple objects and its interaction with other anonymous faces on which they rest, [Blasco] creates a relationship that generates imaginary stories the viewer can follow.”

Follow Susana Blasco on her Instagram, here, to see more Antiheroes. Visit her website to see more of the artist's work, right here.


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