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Stunning Firefly Timelapse Proves Nature Looks Amazing Lit Up

Nature's organic light bulbs spark an eye-striking timelapse.

Here at The Creators Project HQ, we melt over many time lapses—those visual montages that enhance any locale into an eye-striking utopia. We often take extended lunch breaks to sit and gawk (read: cry) at how affecting these simple videos can be. While a large percentage of time lapses require LEDs or other lighting to make them magical, a new clip from Vincent Brady proves that the environment's natural light bulbs can be just as engrossing.  The photographer's firefly timelapse is an ebullient effort shot at Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri and around his home in Grand Ledge, Michigan, using a variety of cameras (as well as a pontoon boat to nail some lakeside shots). The result makes us nostalgic for childhood summers and conjures a sense of organic American beauty, forcing us to reconsider our tolerance for bugs.


See some GIFs from the video below, and check out Brady's site for some insight into how the piece was made.

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