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[Photos] 19th Century Romanticism Gets An Update At Eyebeam's Group Show "The New Romantics"

Nearly 30 digital artists brought Romanticism to the future at this interactive group show.
April 18, 2014, 8:30pm

Last night, art and technology hub Eyebeam unveiled a new group show by some of the finer new media artists working today. The group exhibition, The New Romantics included the contributions of nearly 30 artists, and was curated by digital artists and all-around virtuosos Nicholas O'Brien, Katie Torn, and Claudia Hart (whose augmented reality fashion show at Eyebeam we covered last month).

The whole show strives to explore the ways in which artists are using digital media and tech to modernize "the body, representations of nature, poetic irony, and expressions of individuality as originally expressed in 19th Century Romanticism," and will continue to revitalize these classic art tropes through May 10th in Manhattan. Works included a giant projection of short film "Love Puddles," an arcade-style game by Shane Mecklenburger where users destroyed diamonds (which apparently aren't forever…), and more net-friendly art.


While the Victorian literature nods weren't aggressively in your face, the myriad work was engaging and certainly revolved around concepts of solitude (single-player video games where you wander around aimlessly) and relationships. We were inspired to a handful of photos of the art as we sipped on some complimentary love potions.

Even though many of the installations presented have been featured on our site in the past, it's always a bit odd and refreshing to see still images of interactive, digital artwork. Take a look at some 2D captures of the work, and see if it inspires daydreams of futuristic interpretations of Jane Eyre (featuring cyborgs and kinetic sculptures):


 (2012) by Brookhart Jonquil

Piece of "Auge & Welt (Wallpaper) I" by Tim Berresheim

Fortress of Solitude by Shane Mecklenburger

"The Wanderer" by Nicholas O'Brien

A still from "Love Puddles" by Mikey McParlane and Michael Mallis

"Office" by Jonathan Monaghan

"Sliding Screens" by Nicolas Sassoon

For more see Eyebeam's site and check out the group show through May 10th.