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Watch This Father of the Year Pull His Son's Tooth Out with a Helicopter

The self-proclaimed "original helicopter dad" went to great heights to help his son get rid of his loose tooth.
June 17, 2016, 7:55pm

A man in Virginia went to serious heights to help his son get rid of a loose tooth by apparently pulling it out using his helicopter.

In a video Rick Rahim posted on Facebook, the a self-proclaimed "original helicopter dad" ties a string to his son's tooth and the other end to his helicopter, then takes off slowly until the tooth comes free. His kid looks less than enthused about the prospect of being tied to a giant helicopter by his mouth, but ends up with a smile on his face regardless, sans one little bottom tooth.

Rahim ends the video by letting viewers know that he's been flying helicopters for more than 13 years and that everything they did was "one hundred percent fun and one hundred percent safe." He also wants viewers to make sure kids have "much more fun than you ever did as a kid." While having a tooth ripped out by helicopter seems to be slightly more traumatic than just going to the dentist, it certainly is a lot more memorable.