Everything Is OK, the Stars of 'The Room' Are in a New Movie Together

The title is 'Best F(r)iends,' and how you're supposed to pronounce that is just one of many questions.
October 12, 2016, 6:27pm

Sure, shit's been looking pretty grim lately, but don't hump that red dress quite yet! There's good news: B-movie god Tommy Wiseau has reunited with Greg Sestero, his co-star from the undisputed best best worst movie of all time,The Room. After 15 years apart, they're finally headed back to the big screen with a new feature film called Best F(r)iends.

The movie was directed by someone named Gary Fong, and according to the Hollywood Reporter, it was shot on the DL in Los Angeles and Canada over the past two months. There are still questions about whether Best F(r)iends will get a theatrical distribution deal (I'll distribute it myself if not).

Further questions include, What the hell is going on in the trailer? What's with Tommy Wiseau's face at 2:25? How can Sestero and Wiseau possibly get along after Sestero co-wrote an insane tell-all book about Wiseau? Are you supposed to pronounce the "r" in Best F(r)iends?

But why stress over trivialities on such a glorious day?

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