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The VICE Morning Bulletin

At least two people were killed and 16 injured at a nightclub shooting in Fort Myers, Florida, Democratic Party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz was forced to resign after DNC email hack, and more.

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US News

Two Killed at Florida Nightclub Shooting
At least two people have been killed and at least 16 injured in a shooting at a nightclub in Fort Myers, Florida, officials say. Gunshots were fired in the parking lot of Club Blu shortly after midnight. One person of interest was detained nearby, and police are now looking for other persons who may be involved.—ABC News

Wasserman Schultz Resigns Over Wikileaks Scandal
Democratic Party chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz has been forced to resign after emails released by Wikileaks showed the DNC trying to thwart Bernie Sanders's campaign. Sanders said the emails "reiterate that reason why she should not be chair." Wasserman Schultz will become "honorary chair" of Hillary Clinton's campaign.—VICE News


Michelle Obama to Address DNC Tonight
The first lady has been handed the primetime speaking slot at the Democratic National Convention this evening in a bid to validate Hillary Clinton among those who remain skeptical. Michael Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, will address the DNC later this week to endorse Clinton.—The Washington Post

California Wildfire Triples in Size
A wildfire raging in the Angeles National Forest north of Los Angeles tripled in size over the weekend, spreading across more than 33,000 acres. By early Monday, firefighters had only contained 10 percent of the so-called Sand wildfire, and about 1,500 families in the area are under orders to evacuate.—NBC News

International News

Car Bomb Kills 14 People North of Baghdad
A suicide car bomber has killed at least 14 people, including women and children, at the entrance to the town of Khalis, northeast of Baghdad. Police said most of the victims died inside their vehicles. There was no immediate claim of responsibility, but ISIS has recently stepped up its attacks in the area.—Reuters

Syrian Suicide Bomber Injures 12 in Germany
A 27-year-old Syrian man has blown himself up and injured 12 other people with a backpack bomb in the German town of Ansbach. The failed asylum seeker detonated the device outside a bar Sunday evening after being refused entry to a music festival nearby. Three of the wounded are in serious condition.—AP


Australia Plans to Imprison Terror Convicts Indefinitely
Australia will detain people convicted of terrorism-related charges after their sentences finish, if they are thought to pose an ongoing danger, said Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull. He said the measure was prompted by an increase in attacks around the world. "We cannot afford for a moment to be complacent," he asserted.—The Sydney Morning Herald

Turkey Issues Detention Warrants for Journalists
Turkey's authorities have issued detention warrants for 42 journalists, part of an ongoing crackdown after the failed military coup. Prominent political commentator Nazli Ilicak is said to be on the list. Thousands of soldiers, judges, civil servants, and teachers have already been detained or placed under investigation since July 15.—BBC News

Everything Else

Lil Wayne Walks Off Stage at Cannabis Concert
The rapper dropped his mic and walked off stage after only ten minutes at the Medical Cannabis Concentrates Cup event in San Bernardino, despite being booked for one hour. Organizer High Times says it is "awaiting an explanation."—Billboard

Nintendo Shares Fall Despite 'Pokémon Go' Success
Shares in Nintendo have tumbled almost 18 percent on Monday after the company revealed Pokémon Go would have only a limited impact on profits. Shares are still up 60 percent since the game's July 6 launch.—Reuters

Edible-Pot Company Sued for Fraud
An investor in marijuana-chocolate maker Altai is accusing the company of securities fraud. The lawsuit claims the CEO lied about his own contributions and spent $750,000 "as if it were his own personal piggy bank."—BuzzFeed News

Sinn Féin Leader Says Northern Ireland Could Leave UK
Gerry Adams, president of the Sinn Féin Party, says the UK's withdrawal from the EU could lead to Northern Ireland leaving the UK. Adams called the decision to hold the Brexit referendum a "stupid decision taken in London."—VICE News

Texan Jailed for Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme
Trendon Shavers, a 33-year-old Texan, was sentenced to 18 months in prison for running a fraudulent Ponzi-style scheme called Bitcoin Savings & Trust. He has also been ordered to repay $1.23 million to 48 investors.—Motherboard

Fugitive Mexican Drug Lord Pleads for Peace
The legendary Mexican drug lord Rafael Caro Quintero has denied he played any role in the 1985 murder of a US Drug Enforcement Administration agent. "I believe that I deserve to be left in peace," said the 63-year-old fugitive.—VICE News