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The Week in GIFs

What do Americans love more than videos of hit-and-runs, offensive T-shirts, and Tila Tequila's titties? GIFs!!!
July 6, 2014, 4:00pm

GIFs by Daniel Stuckey

Happy belated Fourth of July! Time for some GIFs!

Belgium is pretty boring, EVEN considering it's the home of chocolate seashells and this anus-themed hotel. Belgium's soccer team is also very boring (and not very sexy as far as shirtless World Cup superstars go), so we combined chocolate and the asshole hotel into one beautiful poop factory.

Suffering from a viral illness, Serena Williams walked from her double match at Wimbledon. Everything is not coming up Serena at the Williams house tonight!

Does watching the short film Random Stop feel like you're watching a POV video game about a man killing a Georgia cop execution-style? Good. That's the point.

VICE News went inside Salinas Valley State Prison, a maximum-security prison home to gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood and Mexican Mafia. They spoke to a transgender inmate named Trixie who used to belong to a prison gang that she considered “more important than my family.”

Proving once again that Texas is the only state worse than Florida or Arizona, a woman ran over two men at a Houston gas station and then drove away.

What do Americans love more than videos of hit-and-runs, incarcerating non-violent offenders, and Tila Tequila's titties? Offensive T-shirts, duh!

Speaking of Tila Tequila's titties, this week the allegedly pregnant prophet and conspiracy theorist published several advice columns and the first chapter of her autobiography on her website. The literary masterpieces include glorious lines like, “I knew that not only was I one ‘down ass bitch,’ but I also knew that I was beautiful.” We look forward to reading more op-eds by Miss Tequila!

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