This story is over 5 years old.

New Teengirl Fantasy - "Motif"

After romancing us with their first album, Teengirl Fantasy returns with 12" release, "Motif."

God I love Teengirl Fantasy, even though they make my Google history read like R Kelly borrowed my laptop. I spent approximately 45 percent of 2011 ranting at anyone who was unfortunate enough to meet me about how "Dancing In Slow Motion" is one of the most perfect tracks I've ever heard. I still stand by that statement.

The dreamy duo, a.k.a. Nick Weiss and Logan Takahashi, has confirmed they'll be releasing their second album later this year. But, in the meantime, they're putting out "Motif" as a 12" on June 25 and digitally on July 9. It's not actually gonna be on the album, so it's a kind of bridge; think of it as their "Whatever," or "Popscene," or that crappy Razorlight one.

Watch the video over at Noisey.