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May 6, 2009, 7:35pm

Open the gates to the sounds of black thrash inifdels, the fire is in your eyes... And here's more South American thrashing lunacy courtesy of


. Aside from having one of the greatest names ever (in

Venom font

too), this band summons days when men would set snares in the luminous slips of the moon whilst sipping


from a goblet through a fallopian tube straw...

This is savage, barbarously heinous metal, reminiscent of the great Bathory ("Dies Irae" in particular), with a dash of death metal just to keep you guessing. These guys have just dropped a split with Greek unholy black/death/thrash marauders of metal, Revenge. This is from my favorite release, 1990's Witching Metal. I just notcied they were "online" on MySpace so I thought I'd add them up and ask them for permission to run them on here (a Fist In The Face Of God first) and this was their reply...

Hey Witchtrapmaniac!!!

Witching Thanks for the Request!!!

Stay Evil, Stay Ugly, Stay Metal!!!

of course banger you can take it for sure it's a honor to us.


Keep on the: METAL ARMY MARCH!!!

Till next week, stay ugly...

Witchtrap - "Command of Hate" †ROCKWELL†

(photo by Anita Crapper)