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PREMIERE: Listen to Maryland's Big Flock Join Forces with 21 Savage on "Black KKK"

Featured on Big Flock's upcoming tape, 'The Great Depression.'

​Over the past three years, rapper Big Flock has established a steady following in the DMV area. Since 2013, the 24-year-old PG County, Maryland native has released four solo projects, all chronicling the pain of losing close friends, dealing with his own incarceration, and the wins he's lived through so far. No matter the production, Flock manages to stand out with his frantic delivery, crunching an abundance of words into each bar, his rage steadily building throughout songs.


Tomorrow, Flock will release his fifth solo project, The Great Depression, and today we're premiering his single "Black KKK" which features 21 Savage, a collaboration that happened when he recently performed with the Atlanta rapper and locked in a studio session immediately after. When asked of the song's genesis and inspiration for its title, via email, Flock answered:

"My life inspired me. My daughter, the death of my brother Christopher (CDiddy) Smith. My father's health is very bad. Just everything happening in my life right now. As far as the song's name, it makes you think I did it for my men, for the youth going through the struggle. We are tired of being overlooked so we going rise up like the KKK. And even though we're black, we sometimes hate the black  people who mess up our culture if you get what I'm saying."

Listen to "Black KKK" below.

Photo: Courtesy of Big Flock's Instagram

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