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Charlie Brooker Shares ‘San Junipero’ Playlist, Punches You in the Feelings

Listen to 42 tracks that scored and inspired the episode.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

When the third season of the dystopian anthology series Black Mirror appeared on Netflix last week, one episode immediately stood out. Varying from the show's usual "Oi you lot stop going on apps or your phones will murder you dead" vibe, the season's fourth instalment offered something different. A tender love story by way of an 80s nostalgia trip, San Junipero grabbed the internet by its stupid lapels and screamed at us all to feel.


A massive part of what makes San Junipero such a joy is the properly amazing 80's music which appears throughout. And having observed the universally adoring reaction to the episode, Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker has deigned to actually go on a laptop in order to share a Spotify playlist inspired by it. Full of quintessentially 80's artists like T'Pau and Simple Minds as well as featuring the episode's signature track "Heaven Is A Place On Earth" by Belinda Carlisle (a song which has now been deservedly elevated beyond its status as 'go-to backing track for TV adverts about couples-only resorts in Turkey'), the playlist is made up of "tracks from the episode, tracks which didn't make it in (for rights / other reasons) and a couple of tracks which inspired elements of the story" according to Brooker's description. You can read VICE's interview with Charlie Brooker here​, and stream the San Junipero playlist below (full disclosure, I cried to it on the bus this morning):

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