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"Ballin" Is the Name of Kanye West and Juicy J's New Song and That's What They're Doing in It

You say no to hard beats, Juicy J can't.

It looks like there's still room in the year for Juicy J. After his banging ​#MustBeNice ​mixtape this month, the Memphis pioneer has​ dropped a new single from his forthcoming ​Rubba Band Business ​album ​called "Ballin" with Kanye West on Beats 1. "Ballin" is possibly the most generic name for a rap song ever so it's fortunate that this song goes hard. Both Kanye's and Juicy J's production styles are represented here, with a filtered soul sample at the beginning and Three 6 Mafia-style piano loops later on. Most of the song's quotables are from Juicy J, as Kanye mainly yells "I'm ballin!" in a weird stuttered flow. Have a gander at this track below.


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