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Watch Adele Freak Onstage Because A Bat Flew Into Her Concert

"Fucking bat!" – Adele, 2016.
Lauren O'Neill
London, GB

Another week, another instance of Adele doing something charming to remind you that whilst she may be a Grammy-award winning global megastar, she's really just a normal girl at the end of the day. Salt of the earth. Just like the rest of us, innit. Fan footage from her Monday night concert in Mexico City sees her react to an unexpected guest (that is, a bat) who presumably came by to see what all the fuss was about. Predictably she behaves much like your girlfriend screaming about a spider being in the bottom of the bath, shouting "FUCKING BAT!" repeatedly, and flapping her arms about a bit. Because it's Adele the whole thing is obviously very loveable, and when the video goes viral on Facebook in about two weeks' time your mum will probably send it to you with an accompanying message something like: "Love her! x" Watch it below:


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