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Tapehead Welcome You to Heck On Their New Album

The Rochester punks explore all the important issues such as 'Gilligan’s Island' and fish sticks.
September 17, 2016, 4:32am

​Rochester punks Tapehead​ have returned with Welcome to Heck, a new album of dirty Genesee Cream Ale fuelled "Rotcore".

When we caught up with them​ last, vocalist Cameron Dean tipped us to Sandra's Saloon in downtown Rochester and  gifted us a couple of tracks. Those tracks were good but the songs on Welcome to Heck are better. They are louder, faster and more obnoxious. This is a rock n roll styled punk that touches on all the important issues such as Gilligan's Island ​ ("So Longer Ginger & Mary Ann"), family values ("She Ain't Heavy, She's My Sister") and fish sticks ("The Fishstick").


The album will be released on vinyl Oct 7 on guitarist Brandon's Media Schlitz. In the meantime take a listen below and read a quick chat we had with Cameron.

Noisey: Welcome to heck. Where is heck?
Cameron Dean: I don't know if you've noticed, but it's god damn heck on earth right now!

Did you ride to a KISS show in a limousine? 
Hell yeah!! Me and some of my best buds of all time rented a limo to go see one of the greatest groups to grace this dumb planet.

What KISS album should you blast from a limousine?
I think any KISS album is surely appropriate to jam out in a limo, but I guess if I had to pick one, I'm gonna say Love Gun. I listened to the track "Hooligan" off that record on repeat the day I dropped out of college (the second time). Now look at me, I sing in a cool rock band and go to KISS concerts in limos. Great decision if you ask me!

Which band in Rochester is most like KISS at the moment? 
Hot Mayonnaise​ without a doubt! They surely embody the spirit and sound of the seedier days of KISS. Kick ass guts and ass hard rock n roll. They had a tape come out last year, it wails.

I'm curious about the song "She Ain't Heavy, She's My Sister". How far could you carry a 24-year old sister?
As a 26 year old man-child in top physical shape, I'm going to say, I could at least carry her down the street maybe.

Looking at your upcoming shows it seems you are playing a place called Belchertown. All punk bands should play at Belchertown. Have you been there before? 
I have not! I'm surely looking forward to belching there though! Maybe I'll even fart!!!

Welcome to Heck is available Oct 7 through Media Schlitz Records​.

Catch Tapehead at these shows: 
Oct 20 - Rochester at Small World
Oct 21 - Philadelphia
Oct 22 - Brooklyn at Gold Sounds
Oct 23 - Providence at Funky Jungle USA
Oct 25 - Belchertown at Cold Spring Hollow
Oct 26 - Albany at Pauly's Hotel

Image: Walter Wlodarczyk