Earwig and Lydia Loveless Commiserate over Love on "Wasted On You"

The alt-country darling teamed up with some old pals from her Columbus, Ohio days and the result is very good.
September 15, 2016, 5:56pm

I love when artists team up to make something great. It might be the most important reminder we have outside Chance the Rapper that teamwork really ​can​ make a good thing great.

A great example of that is the latest song from Columbus, Ohio indie rock band Earwig, "Wasted On You," for which they tapped the truly talented Lydia Loveless. The song is a classic back and forth between two lovers that chronicles the heartache that comes with loving deeply but being forced to let go for whatever reason.


"Lydia played in a band called Carson Drew in Columbus as a teenager, and I had seen them play​," says vocalist and guitarist Lizard McGee​ on approaching Loveless for this song. "I think Earwig even had a show with them at Bernie's Bagels. I was a fan of her solo records and had her most recent record playing a lot at my house during the time that I wrote the song. When I decided it would be a duet, her's was the first voice that I heard singing the other part. I knew her casually already, so it was easy to find her and ask.​ I sent her the song, she dug it and said yes."​

You can preorder the album here​.​

​Annalise Domenighini is wasted on tweeting​ and does not approve of love.