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Who's That Wearing a Rubber Ducky Dress and Singing Children's Songs? It's Evanescence's Amy Lee!

Gather, friends, and hear what the vocal chords that brought you "WAKE ME UP INSIDE!" sound like when singing "There's a monkey in the band, the muffins are sleepy".

Stop what you are doing immediately! We have a very important announcement to make: Amy Lee, the singer of Grammy Award-winning rock band and former nu metal sensations Evanescence, is releasing a children's album. Amy Lee, who most of you will recognise for hanging out of a very tall building in a nightie operatically asking someone to please bring her to life, has lent her vocals to twelve songs for an album titled Dream Too Much. The tracklist features "Hello Goodbye" by the Beatles, that "Rubber Duckie" song off of Sesame Street, and an original composition called "The End of the Book" inspired by her two-year-old son Jack crying whenever a story would end. Everything ends, Jack! Get over it! Just kidding. It's pretty cute.


The idea began as a present for her dad, and quickly escalated into the whole family hopping in the studio to lay down some hot lullabies. Her dad played ukulele, dobro and banjo, sisters Carrie and Lori served up some harmonies, and her uncle Tom plays guitar, bass and harmonica. Even Jack makes a cameo. Amy Lee has confirmed in an interview with Rolling Stone that she won't be persuing a career as the next Raffi anytime soon, but "this kind of came out of a very random place and a very pure place." She continues: "It was just for ourselves and it turned into something really beautiful."

You can listen to the title track below, which is definitely a thing you should do if you'd like to hear what the vocal chords that brought you "Wake me up inside!" sound like singing "There's a monkey in the band, the muffins are sleepy". There is no rap breakdown, unfortunately, but this is still damn good stuff.