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Crazy Christian Guy Says Gay Marriage Means God's Judgment will Strike America Down, or Something

Billy Graham's son is mad—real mad—about gay marriage.

Franklin Graham, the conservative Christian evangelist and one of Billy Graham's five children, has given a fun interview to Fox News in which he protested today's landmark decision by the Supreme Court to legalize gay marriage.

"This court is endorsing sin," he told Fox's Todd Starnes. He criticized the ruling, which will drastically improve the lives of millions of Americans and have no effect whatsoever on marriage for straight people, saying, "Is there going to be discrimination against churches, organizations like what I represent, who want to stand by the biblical definition of marriage?"


Starnes asked, "Is this going to be open season on Christians, on Christian business owners who refuse to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies?"

Graham responded, "You better be ready, and you better be prepared. There will be persecution of Christians for our stand."

Additionally, Graham warned that though God loves everyone, He thinks homosexuality is a sin. "Our nation has a spiritual problem, and we need God's forgiveness… I do believe God's judgment will come upon this nation. When we read the scripture, God's judgment would come upon Israel, time and time again, when they turned their back on Him." In other words, he's saying we should brace ourselves for plagues.

Earlier today, Graham posted a message on his Facebook page protesting the ruling:

This isn't Graham's first time bashing gay marriage. He backed North Carolina's 2012 referendum against same-sex marriage, and has been vocal in his support of Russian President Vladimir Putin's stance against homosexuality.

It is worth noting that Franklin Graham is now President and CEO of his father Billy Graham's organization, and effectively acts as his father's spokesperson.

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