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Two Guys Bought an Abandoned Storage Unit That Turned Out to Be a Meth Lab

Sometimes you go to a storage unit auction and end up with some great antiques, other times you become the proud owner of a toxic, defunct meth lab.
Photo via Flickr user Mike Mozart

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Shows like Storage Wars have managed to build a reality show empire around the world of abandoned storage unit auctions. It kind of makes sense—the gamble of bidding on storage units you can only glance inside has the right balance of skill and dumb luck. Sometimes that covered lump in the back is a vintage Vincent Black Shadow motorcycle, other times it's a pair of broken barbecue grills.

And just once in a while, when you pony up your $80 for a CubeSmart unit in California, you become the proud owner of a toxic, defunct meth lab. At least that's what happened to a guy and his nephew in Rancho Cordova recently, an NBC affiliate reports. After buying the rights to a self-storage unit in hopes of finding some easy-money, re-sellable junk, the two men ended up with "a little bit more than [they] expected."

"We opened it up. It looked from the beginning, and then we crossed a couple of boxes that said 'Danger Poison' on them so we were like, uh, we better stay away from those ones," the nephew told reporters.

Beakers, pipes, gas masks, and a five-gallon drum about hall-full of meth later, the hazmat team had to be called for clean-up duty. The Sacramento Police Department is currently looking for the original owners of the unit, who may or may not be the same people cooking up the ice.