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Chinese Government Spoils Internet's Fun, Arrests Stars of Uniqlo Sex Tape

Apparently amateur sex tapes aren't up to "socialist values." Whatever.
​A couple poses outside the set of China's most famous sex tape, the Sanlitun Uniqlo. Photo by Ng Han Guan/AP.

Every pleasure has its price, and for two horny Chinese youth who decided to film themselves humping in a Uniqlo changing room, that price may be jail. According to the LA Times, six people have been arrested over the mega-mall quickie, including the couple starring in the film. Two of China's main internet portals, Sina and Tenchant, have also come under fire from the government's Cyberspace Administration for failing to stop the spread of the sex tape. Chinese police are now investigating the video and its creators to determine "who posted the video and whether the tape was a publicity stunt intended to drum up business." That hasn't stopped hordes of Chinese teens and twentysomethings from flocking to the flagship Uniqlo store in Beijing, where the film was taped. Earlier this week, the sex tape took the People's Republic by storm, resulting in ill-advised tattoos, raps, and an unending tide of memes. Sure, the sexual revolution will not be televised—but it will be on the web.


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