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The Emerging Fetish of Laying Alien Eggs Inside Yourself

The Ovipositor lays gelatin eggs in the body cavity of your choice. Fans say the sensation of mushy extraterrestrial ovum slopping out of them is a real treat.
All images via Primal Hardwere

Recently, while on the internet looking at weird sex things, I came upon the gushing testimony of a young woman who had just discovered Primal Hardwere's patented Ovipositor; one of the most unusual and confronting sex toys I've ever heard of. The Ovipositor is basically a big dildo that lays goopy eggs molded from gelatin in the body cavity of your choice. Fans of the Ovipositor say that the sensation of mushy extraterrestrial ovum slopping back out of them is a real treat.


The owner of Primal Hardwere is a man who insisted I refer to him only as LoneWolf. A Native American of indeterminate age, he apparently was apparently a builder, fast-food dude, fashion model, church organist, butcher, and veterinary student at the University of New Hampshire before deciding: I want to make enormous egg-laying alien dicks.

VICE: Hey, Lone Wolf. Most readers probably aren't familiar with how Ovipositors function. How do you explain them to people?
Lone Wolf: The idea is to replicate the act of being impregnated with eggs. Usually from an alien or insect. If you've seen the Aliens movies, you'll get the picture. Many people find this sort of thing very arousing. The toys are simply phallic-shaped hollow tubes that can be used to insert gelatin eggs into oneself. There is a funnel-shaped hole in the bottom to receive the eggs, which are inserted one by one, forcing them up the tube and out the top.

The Ovipositor replicates the feeling of being impregnated with eggs.

How did you get involved in all this stuff?
I had tried everything else: I had owned a restaurant and managed many other businesses and had many successes. However, in all of my jobs I would work my way up to the top only to find a wall waiting for me there. I'm ambitious, and though I don't consider myself greedy, I always wanted to push myself for more independence and freedom to do the things I wanted to do.

And freedom is helping people insert eggs into themselves for sexual gratification?
Let's face it, there are three things that will always sell: Food, death, and sex. I tried food service and decided after managing three restaurants and owning one that it was the same thing, day in and day out, and it didn't look like that was going to change much. Death didn't really interest me. I wanted something more fun. Something that breaks the monotony of people's days and makes them spit out their coffee when you tell them what you do.


I think you've comfortably managed that.
I wanted to push the boundaries of people's comfort levels, make them question their own erections and wet panties, and let them know their fantasies do not have to go unrealized.

The Ovipositor in action

What's the demand for this thing like?
Before Primal Hardwere, I was creating one-off custom commissions for people who couldn't find what they were looking for elsewhere. Ovipositors were requested several times, and when I posted YouTube videos demonstrating them, the response was impressive. Tons of people wanted them—and while this is not a fetish of my own, I saw potential for a unique product line.

Is there any danger in putting gelatin eggs up in your butt or vagina?
Everything in moderation. We are not doctors, and we're not about to comment on what is safe or unsafe to do to one's body as it varies from person to person. I can say that I have used them many times without hurting myself, but frankly it is up to the person using it to know their own limits. For instance, if you are allergic to gelatin. If made properly, the eggs are firm, but rubbery, similar to the consistency of gummy bears. They dissolve with body heat rather quickly.

Can you describe a typical customer?
Well, the real answer here is simply "people." I truly can't say that it's strictly one group or mindset or any other kind of convenient stereotype that like these sorts of things. People get turned on by many things beyond what our respective societies would deem "normal." We are niche in the sense that we're catering to some of the lesser catered-to fetishes. We send our products all over the world to many different races, creeds, and cultures.

I consider myself pretty open minded, but I'm honestly still struggling to see the appeal in this. Can you try one last sales pitch?
There are different perspectives of everything, and Ovipositors are no exception. Many like to envision an alien creature that wants its eggs inside you. It can be a little intimidating or off-putting to those who do not fantasize about being the willing or unwilling host of alien beings inside them. It blurs the line of our own humanity to find sexual pleasure with something that is so far from human, and for some, just talking about it gets them wet.

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