Intimate Portraits of People at a Sex Convention


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Intimate Portraits of People at a Sex Convention

Luis Mora's latest project features stunning portraits of sex workers, porn models, and their fans.

Caroline S. All photos by Luis Mora, assisted by Mark Byk, Manny Trinh, and Melanie Johns. Producer: Jessica Tjeng (Zinc Production)

For the past 16 years, The Everything to Do with Sex Show has taken over a packed convention center in Toronto. Over the weekend, "North America's largest consumer romance show" brings with it hundreds of booths featuring everything from swingers clubs to adult film stars, cam girls, and sex toy distributors with bins full of discount dildos and novelty penis pasta. There are burlesque performers, latex fetish wear fashion shows, and blowjob workshops, as well as a bar where people can buy watered-down caesars as they watch a gimp in a Mexican wrestling mask get his nipples zapped with a cattle prod.


Events like these are usually photographed in a paparazzi, in-your-face style. But I wanted to do the opposite and connect with the people who are participating on both sides: the fans and the people working there.

Instead of digitally snapping away without asking permission, I documented the show using traditional portraiture. I wanted the portraits to seem intimate without being intrusive or explicit, compared to most of the photos you would see from such a sexually charged atmosphere.

The project shows the diversity of people who are interested in "sex" and "romance" across age, gender, and race.

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Tony Peters, fan

Gregory Dawson, model

Daisy Destin, porn actress

Sean Reily, dancer

Mizz Barbie Bitch, pro dom

Madame K

Sha Hig

Kirra Kiss, model

John Muir, fan

Mandi Bowen, model

Lethal Lady V, mistress


Lucia Carbines, contortionist

Lexxi Brown, burlesque performer

Heather, stripper

Paul J Nurmi

Uncle D "The Canadian Assman"

Tall Magister

Misty Maurer

Fi Shark

Angie Heyward, Naked News anchor

Sir Tigress

Whitney Cole, model

Zsombor Burany, dancer

Lila Wolfe, mistress

Valerie Guet

Mariah Holland, model

Amanda R, model

Kara Lina, playmate

Lena Spanks, webcam girl

Cortana Blue, webcam girl

Michael Rice, fan

Kristina Jonanovic, playmate

Nigel Malcolm


Vikki Lenola, actress

John Reischer

Heather Lewis

Lotus Lily