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Anonymous Is Trying to Destroy 'The Most Hated Man on the Internet'

A couple of days ago Anonymous announced they were launching an operation named #OpHuntHunter against the founder of, which, if you're unfamiliar with its modus operandi, was a website where sad men could post revealing images sent to...

Remember that time I interviewed revenge-porn king and self-styled "most hated man on the internet," Hunter Moore? Well, karma might be coming around to bite him in the ass pretty soon. A couple of days ago Anonymous announced they were launching an operation named #OpHuntHunter against the founder of, which, if you're unfamiliar with its modus operandi, was a website where sad men could post revealing images of women. Often, these men believed that the women whose pictures they were posting had scorned them in some way.


Recently, Hunter conducted an interview with Betabeat, in which he claimed that he was launching a new website, one that would not only feature stolen nudes of people but also their home addresses. He later backtracked on this, claiming it was a "semi-lie" he'd told because he'd been "drunk" and "coked out" when he did the interview. Speaking to the Huffington Post yesterday, he confirmed that he only planned to publish the addresses of people who had personally wronged him.

It's in retaliation to these comments that a branch of Anonymous have struck, publishing detailed personal information about Moore on PasteBin. The thing is, he doesn’t really give a shit, and responded to the threat by provoking Anonymous to attack his websites in a series of tweets. Which must seem like a clever thing to do when you're "coked out", too.

With bravado on both sides of the battle heating up, who will come out on top? I spoke to the Anon leading the hunt for Hunter Moore to try to find out what the plan is.

VICE: Hi Kyanonymous, how much support do you have from the Anon community for the operation to fuck over Hunter Moore?
Kyanonymous: We are gathering support as we speak, it's ever-growing. Anonymous is a collective of individuals with differing views, so some support Hunter Moore’s enterprise, some don’t – but most don’t, and majority wins.

I see. So, you've had to spend some time proposing this operation to the community to get that support?
No, Anonymous works like this: If you value freedom from oppression, and are willing to fight for it, and do it all in anonymity, then you are Anonymous. Me and @jackherer20 came up with the video, and the d0x file compiling all of Hunter’s personal info in one easy-to-use form, and it just took off.


So what’s the plan? DDOS his sites? Or maybe hack him?
We can’t discuss the details of the plan, that would be like walking through a herd of zombies screaming "Food!" I’m sure you can respect that.

I guess. Could you give away any time scales? When should Hunter expect things to kick off?
That’s the beauty of it, Mr. Moore can expect things always, there are moles in his team and until his revenge-porn sites and other imitation sites like his cease to exist, this will be an ongoing operation.

From what you can tell so far, has he taken steps to protect his sites from attack?
He has basic html knowledge at the very best. And he maybe pays some guy to run his servers. For the most part it’s an amateur setup.

Do you think he’s taking the threat seriously?
He’s responded to us directly, as per the screenshot in the video, but the problem with Moore is that he doesn’t take anything seriously. I blame the lack of love in his house and his cocaine habit, personally.

That kind of makes him difficult to intimidate, right?
Our goal isn’t intimidation, our goal is to irradiate the abuse of the internet and violation of personal rights to privacy.

Anonymous and other groups often take people's personal details and put them on PasteBin. So what's the difference between him and Anons in that instance?
That's correct, its called d0xing, the difference is that we d0x the guilty, we give them a taste of their own medicine. People who submit photos of others are of interest as well, the submitted victims shouldn’t be penalised all of their lives just because they made the mistake of trusting someone.


But Anonymous has released details of Paypal customers in the past, and they’re innocent people, right?
No, we released info pertaining to Paypal due to their unlawful blocking of funding to Assange and WikiLeaks. I myself am a Paypal user, eBay is my friend. I don’t agree with the forced censorship of truth and neither do other Anons.

Do you think if you target people who submit pictures, it will also deter people from doing it?
Yes, and we have a dox on Andrew Myers, who founded—a copycat site. This isn’t just about Hunter, but he’s our prime target.

Apart from his websites, does he have any other assets you can go after?
We cannot disclose that information, but we are working on it.

OK, well I guess I'll have to wait and see. Thanks for talking to me, Kyanonymous.

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