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Are Working Class People Better in Bed?

We hit the streets of London to find out what makes rich folks want to sleep with common people.

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This morning we gave you an exhaustive guide on how to date rich girls. But one questions still remains, why in the world would a rich person want to date a scamp like you? This question has been asked throughout the ages. Jarvis Cocker even wrote a song about it, in which he famously sang:

She came from Greece, she had a thirst for knowledge / She studied sculpture at Saint Martins College / That's where I / Caught her eye / She told me that her dad was loaded / I said 'In that case, I'll have a rum and coca-cola' / She said 'Fine' / And in 30 seconds time, she said, 'I want to live like common people / I want to do whatever common people do / I want to sleep with common people-'"


So, why did the Greek girl who went to Saint Martins want to sleep with a common person? Was it because she wanted to get back at daddy for that year he only bought her one pony for Easter? Or was it out of some misplaced sense of charity?

Or (probably this one) are working class people just better in bed? We took the streets of London to find out.

Yasmin, 17: Yeah, maybe, why not?

You tell me.
If they’re used to getting dirty in their jobs, then they might be better in bed. Are you saying working class people are dirty?
No, they’re just more hands-on than upper class people. Is that a good thing?
Yeah, probably.

Steven, 26, (left) and John, 20, builders. Both: Yes. Why?
Steven: I just think rich folks think they’re a bit too proper. Well, the majority of them. Working class girls are better just for that reason, they don’t think they’re something they’re not.

Pete, 21, art student: Possibly. They probably get more. What makes you say that?
They have a social life. I suppose upper class people's lives are more business related. So, the wealthier the person, the less socializing they do because their big time jobs means they can't take time off?
Yeah. I prefer the working class. That’s all I’ll end up being. I’m an artist.  
Chelsea, 22 (left) and Ryan, 27, both work for the navy. Ryan: I’m just trying to think if I’ve slept with anyone rich?
Chelsea: I’m gonna say yes.
Ryan: So am I. Why?
Because they’ve seen more. World experience makes you open to stuff, doesn’t it? I don’t know. Are you saying working class people have more world experience?
It depends, because rich people will travel more, but working class people will see more on the ground. On the ground?!? Harriet, 26: No. I don’t think so. How come?
Well I ask you, why should they be? I’m not sure, that’s why I’m asking you.
I don’t think so, because they work hard so they’re going to be tired at the end of the day. I wouldn’t go for a working class man. I want someone with money. Jimmy, 22, electrician (left) and Nick, 23, plumber. Jimmy: Better than who? Homeless people? Or upper class? Do you know what working class means?
Nick: That’s what we are. Are you better in bed than a rich person?
Jimmy: Well, I’ve never really fucked an executive. Alan, 26, charity worker: I think it's more to do with culture. Which culture is the best?
I’m going to have to say South American. Is your girlfriend South American?
No, my girlfriend is Japanese. Oops! Josh, 28, American: Probably, yes. They work harder, play faster. What about rich people?
I dated a rich girl and she was so up her own ass. It was all about her. What happened?
She did my head in. It was all about her. You know Veruca Salt? It was like her. So, you’re going to say working class people are better in bed?
I’ve got a working class wife. They understand the meaning of working and a relationship. Trevor, 35, electrician (left). Trevor: Not sure. Why’s that?
I’ve never had a rich girl. What do you think a rich girl would be like?
Filth. I think it’s reverse. Because they all go to all-girl’s schools, so they’re more sexually frustrated.

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