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VICE Premiere: "Blue Mountains" by Diamond Rugs

Listen to "Blue Mountains," the latest piece of sunshine from Diamond Rugs. We not only gave their new album "album of the month" but we like them more than sweatpants and beer.
July 16, 2012, 1:59pm

We love Diamond Rugs. We love them with that same sort of deep down love that's usually only reserved for sweatpants and a cold beer after a long day of talking to assholes. When the band asked if we'd be into premiering "Blue Mountains," another track off of their amazing album (that we picked as album of the month a couple of months ago), we just planted soft kisses on all their many lips, and mouthed "duh."

Diamond Rugs is playing Fun Fun Fest, in case you didn't know. Check out the info and buy your tickets HERE.