Watch the Ultimate Typing Champion Reach 'Otherworldly' Speeds

After a ten year long hiatus, the Ultimate Typing Championship has returned and its athletes are ready to test the limits of human typing speed.
August 25, 2020, 3:16pm

There is no human activity more thrilling than sports. In arenas across the globe, athletes compete at the highest level to separate the winners from the losers. To compete, and crush the competition, is one humanity’s most noble activities. So it was on August 22 when Anthony “chak” took home the crown in the Ultimate Typing Competition, beating out his rival Sean “arenasnow” after a pitched battle that saw the victor typing at the Hermes-blessed average speed of 208.5 WPM and hitting a high speed of 233 WPM.


First spotted by PCGamer, this year’s Ultimate Typing Championship is the second such event. Arenasnow took home the gold 10 years ago, now chak has taken the mantle of the Ultimate Typing Championship and won a $5,000 cash prize and various bits of merchandise provided by tournament sponsor Das Keyboard.  

Ten typists faced off in five rounds each. Competitors were asked to type out short paragraphs, typically Wikipedia entries, as quickly and accurately as possible. Points were docked from final scores when accuracy dipped below 100 percent. The winner of the best of five races continued to the next round.

At the end of the tournament, it was down to chak and arenasnow. “I think this is a newfound rivalry going into 2020,” the shoutcaster said between rounds of the final faceoff. “History is made every time they meet each in a final set. Which seems like it will be happening more and more if we have more typing tournaments to come in the future, perhaps.”

The last Ultimate Typing Championship happened in 2010.

In the second race, chak set a devastating pace. “This is otherworldly,” the shoutcaster said. “210.4 words per minute. You can subtract 100 words per minute from that and it’s still in the 90th percentile of typists.”

arenasnow stayed in the game, inching ahead in another race, but chak had set a brutal pace and ultimately claimed victory. He’s the typist to beat, going forward. Let’s hope he doesn’t have to wait another ten years to establish dominance.