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Indonesian Man Kills Coworker Who Called Him Fat

He allegedly did not like that his coworker called him fat, comparing him to a sumo wrestler in front of other people.
murder java indonesia called fat
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No one likes being teased for how they look, especially not in front of other people. While most just ignore these instances and try to be the bigger person, a man in Indonesia seems to have taken it to heart so much that he ended up doing something way worse.

Ali Heri Sanjaya, 27, from Java, has been arrested for allegedly killing his coworker Rosidah, 18, after she called him fat, according to local reports and AsiaOne.


After planning the murder for a week, Sanjaya allegedly asked Rosidah for a lift home on her motorcycle, then lured her to a coconut plantation, strangled her, and doused her in gasoline before setting her body on fire on Friday, January 24.

He then ran off with her motorcycle and phone, which he sold for Rp5,250,000 ($523) to pay off his debts, before hiding in a hotel where he was tracked down and arrested four days later, on Tuesday, January 28.

Rosidah's family filed a police report as soon as she didn’t return home, but her charred body was only found in another village the following day, next to her pink motorcycle helmet.

According to Banyuwangi Police Chief Commissioner Arman Asmara Syarifuddin, Sanjaya was fed up with comments about him that Rosidah allegedly made in front of other people. She supposedly called him "fat," comparing him to a sumo wrestler and Taiwanese child actor Boboho (aka Steven Hao). Sanjaya claimed that the bullying caused him to become “bitter and hurt.”

Sanjaya and Rosidah had known each other for years; aside from working together, they also lived in the same neighbourhood.

Rosidah's uncle, Ahmad Sodik, expressed his relief that the accused has been caught and requested authorities to punish Sanjaya heavily.

“This despicable criminal deserves the death sentence, " Commissioner Syarifuddin said.

The suspect can face the death penalty or imprisonment from 20 years to life if convicted.

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