Monthly Horoscope: Taurus, September 2023

Welcome to Virgo season, dear Taurus!

The sun in fellow earth sign Virgo lights up the romance and creativity sector of your chart, making it a fun time of year for you, dear Taurus! You might enjoy a new crush or quality time with a lover. Creative inspiration abounds and you could be focused on a new art project. Fun celebrations with people you love take place! 

Your ruling planet Venus ends its retrograde in Leo on September 3, which can find you moving forward with a decision regarding your home, family, or personal life. In recent weeks, you may have realized something about the past, and now feel ready to build a new foundation. Sprucing up your home and energetically cleansing your space may be good ways to work with this energy.


Mercury retrograde in Virgo aligns with Jupiter in Taurus on September 4, inspiring a fun and chatty atmosphere that’s fantastic for connecting with friends. An inspiring discussion or flirtatious banter could take place! You might be thinking back to August 9, as conversations that took place then come up again. Also on September 4, Jupiter begins its retrograde in Taurus, inspiring warmth and generosity. You may be assessing your creative projects and figuring out which ones deserve your time and devotion.

A similar theme is taking place in your love life: If you’ve been seeing several people, you might feel pulled to focus your energy on those you really connect with, and if you’re already in love, this can be a period when bonds deepen and grow. A deep discussion about the things and people you love most takes place as the sun meets Mercury retrograde on September 6. This alignment brings an important realization about your love life and your creative pursuits. 

The sun aligns with Jupiter on September 8, and you’re feeling especially lucky, and the new moon in Virgo takes place on September 14, marking the beginning of a new chapter in your love life… or more generally, loving life! Between the new moon and the sun’s connection with Jupiter, you can feel a deep sense of gratitude. Possibilities abound and it feels like the world is opening up to you. A new, or renewed, connection with someone special could form, or you might find a new source of creative inspiration. New reasons to celebrate arise and you’re making more time to have fun and enjoy life!


Mercury retrograde ends on September 15, and Mercury clears its post-retrograde shadow on September 30: During this period, plans and conversations that were confused or delayed begin to clear up and move forward. Also on September 15, the sun connects with Uranus in Taurus, which could bring an unexpected opportunity. You might feel inclined to take a risk! Astrologers often call Taurus predictable or stubborn, but you’re surprising everyone around you at this time, challenging this astrological stereotype. Your brilliance can lead to great innovation, and people are especially dazzled by your presence. 

Your ruling planet Venus squares off with Jupiter on September 17, which might find you thinking back to August 22. You could be revisiting a fun memory or finally taking part in something that attracted you in the past. A warm, cozy feeling flows at home and in your personal life, though you might feel especially sentimental about the past. The sun opposes Neptune in Pisces on September 19, and you’re feeling sensitive. Confusion may arise in your social life—be careful not to jump to conclusions. People’s laziness, pessimism, or shadiness could be on full display. This is a good time to check in with yourself and your boundaries, and get clear on who you want to spend your time with.


The sun makes a harmonious connection with Pluto in Capricorn on September 21, inspiring a major breakthrough! A huge shift in perspective takes place. An important journey or trip abroad could begin. If you’re in school or working on publishing your ideas, this can mark an important turning point in your efforts. Big changes arrive, and the transition can find you feeling particularly powerful. 

Libra season begins on September 23: Happy equinox! The sun in Libra finds you busy with your projects at work and retooling your schedule. Topics like fitness and wellness are also on your mind. Mercury connects with Jupiter on September 25, which can find you thinking back to September 4 and August 9, as conversations that took place then could come up. The mood is friendly, easygoing, and open-minded, and now that Mercury is direct, forward momentum is made with the plans and ideas that are being exchanged. An exciting invitation may be extended to you at this time.

An intriguing idea might come to you in a dream during the full moon in Aries on September 29. A profound realization could take place while you meditate or journal. Full moons are powerful times of release, and this one finds you feeling liberated from the past in some significant way. Intriguing information comes to light, and this could be an opportunity to explore your psyche or your shadow self. This full moon also calls you to take a break from work, to catch up on quality time relaxing and recharging.

This full moon also finds Venus squaring off with Uranus, bringing novel thrills and surprises to your home and family life. This alignment might also find you thinking back to August 9; some fun that took place then may be revisited. Surprising news or invitations arrive as Mercury aligns with Uranus on September 30. Your genius is very much appreciated at this time, and your ideas can have a great impact on those around you. The mood is experimental, and people are especially attracted to your brilliance and willingness to try new things. 

Good luck this month, Taurus, and see you in October!