Six Words

People Tell Us In Six Words or Less How They Quit Vaping

“Got COVID and coughed blood.”

Vaping, am I right? We’ve all suckled at the devil’s fruity teat and many of us have fallen into his hazy hell. But some have clawed their way out again, back to the land of the living, fresh air, and soothed throats. 

VICE asked Australians and New Zealanders, who have gone from 100 to zero and kicked their nicotine dependence for good, just how the hell they did it. 

This is by no means medical advice or glorification of addiction because we all know: it sucks. But here are some tricks and techniques that have worked for some. Good luck.


“Got COVID and coughed blood.” – Abbey, 24.

“Eating carrot sticks all day.” – Tara, 32.

“Three cups hot chocolate per night.” – Simon, 29.

“The three Ds: Delay, Distract, Decide.” – Deanna, 33.

“Moved to Japan, no e-juice available.” – Audrey, 25.

“Cold turkey. Lost mind. Never again.” – Nick, 36.

“Gum issues + limited breathing = determination.” – Nelly, 40.

“Got pregnant lol.” – Sophie, 34.

“Smoking cigarettes. Lesser of two evils?” – Oliver, 29.

“Microdose nicotine lozenges, eat lollies.” – Kali, 24. 

“Tell your mum you’re quitting.” – Carly, 29.

“Gums started bleeding. I just stopped.” – Isabella, 26.

“Replaced with straw and gum.” – Esther, 31.

“The Easy Way To Stop Smoking (it’s a book)” – Avril, 28.

“Cold turkey was the only way.” – Aleks, 29. 

Aleksandra Bliszczyk is a Senior Reporter for VICE Australia. You can follow her on Instagram here, or on Twitter here.